Trang chủ Sản phẩmStone Fascine, Gabion Box

Stone Fascine, Gabion Box

Made from high quality steel mesh B40, Gabion boxes are used in hydraulic works.


Dimension: diameter of weaving wire, height and length are changed up to the specified requirements


The product is manufactured according to the Taiwan technological process and meets  TCVN TCVC 5758-1993 - ISO2008 standards, Weight of zinc meets TCVN 4392 – 1986 or the specified requirements
Gabion boxes are widely used  in hydraulic works, building and traffic structures:

-          Consolidation and protection of mountain or hill and road slopes, bridge piles and abutments;

-          Consolidation and protection of canal slope, sea and river bank;

-          Consolidation of dams, outlet and inlet of irrigation structures;

-          Protection of traffic structures, bridge piles/abutments and river ports;

-          Consolidation of earth slope and base, erosion protection;

-          Environmental protection.

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